Captain Bill Smith

1401 Bayview Dr. #1
Ft. Lauderdale, FL  33304

Box 1073
Shelter Island, NY 11965

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4th. Issue U.S.C.G. 100 ton License # 1205727


Over 35 years of diversified powerboat responsibilities both inshore and offshore including inter-coastal waters and inland waterways in locations such as the Caribbean, South and Central America(s), Pacific Northwest and the Atlantic Ocean.

Everything that has to do with boats or fishing has always been an important aspect of my life and I have been fortunate to have shared that with hundreds of people over the years. I pride myself in going the extra mile for all of my employers and clients and my references reflect that.

Professional Achievements:

  • 1987 Received Captains License
  • Fished in over 200 tournaments
  • Placed in top five approx 60% of time
  • Author of 4 books and hundreds of magazine articles
  • Raised 2 sons to be excellent boater and even better people

Current Position:

Captain of 73’ motor yacht. Boat sold.


Briefly ran/mated on  Billy Joel’s boat “Alexa Ray” a 46 foot Jarvis Newman from Montauk. Billy is a hand’s-on owner, and very knowledgable about boats and running them. However, I did manage to catch him his first tuna fish ever. In fact that night we had 15 Yellowfin, an 80 pound swordfish that we released and caught the same blue shark twice, finally shooting it to stop it from robbing our baits. Also almost lost a finger when it was caught in a spooling reel that a 55 pound Albacore was running away with on that trip too, and no I didn’t nor would I sue Billy. He’s a good guy.

1990 – 1992

  • Captain of Fan-ta-Sea
  • 42’ Post Sportfishing Boat
  • Tournament fishing
  • Family cruises
  • Entertaining business clients
  • Complete maintenance of vessel
  • Owner sold boat and purchased large yacht

1992 – Current

  • Over 100 boat/yacht deliveries up and down Atlantic coast

1992 – Current

  • Own and operate very select charter operation on Long Island’s East End.
  • Specialize in light tackle fishing both inshore and offshore
  • Own and operate 31’ Bertram, 2 17’ Boston Whaler’s and a 23’ Shamrock


  • Co-founder of Sport Fishing Unlimited, Inc
  • Fisheries conservation organization
  • Served as Executive Director and driving force of organization until 1999
  • Responsible for the implementation of numerous fisheries conservation laws and regulations

2001 – 2006

  • Captain of Captain Mac a 46’ custom built downeast sportfishing yacht.
  • Fished boat in numerous tournaments, placing in all.
  • Entertained high level wall Street clients
  • Responsible for yachts complete operation, maintenance and record keeping
  • Owner got leukemia and sold boat

2002 – 2006

  • During off season, captain Christina a 68’ Hatteras motor yacht
  • Responsible for maintenance and upkeep, record keeping, coordination of cruises, etc. from Ft Lauderdale, Florida.
  • Numerous trips north and south on intercoastal waterway
  • Entertainment of guests
  • Still operate on an “as needed” basis

1985 – Present

  • Author of over 700 magazine articles on boats. Boat maintenance, fishing, conservation, operation of boats, etc.
  • Appearance on numerous television programs as “expert’ or guest on issues relating to boating or the marine environment.


2007 – Continues to run private sport fishing boats & Yachts for various clients

  • Author of “I Go to Extremes”, the biography of Billy Joel.
  • Worked with Billy and his inner circle of friends, band members and colleagues for 3 years researching book
  • The 1st. (and last) time Billy has trusted someone enough to open up his very guarded inner circle.
  • Book has been released in UK and Japan. American rights are now being negotiated

Partial Personal History

  • 1987 received USCG license
  • Highly qualified professional captain and mate
  • CPR Certified
  • Excellent mechanical skills
  • Excellent degree of responsibility
  • Work very well with people
  • Highly skilled angler
  • Excellent boatyard skills, management abilities. Including brightwork, hull repair, rigging, running gear, etc.
  • 1065 pound bluefin tuna in Cape Cod Bay
  • 723 mako shark off Montauk, NY
  • Have run many private boats during tournaments for clients throughout Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, Atlantic Coast of US.
  • Excellent understanding of yacht systems
  • Above average management skills
  • Raised 2 angling fanatic sons
  • Certified Boater Safety Instructor

Alcohol and Drug Free

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Bill has been named an IGFA Captain, one of only about 300 in the world!